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Participants receive $75 (virtual group) or $50 (individual phone call)
Would you like to share your family’s story to create change in NYS? URMC and NYS Department of Health are working together to improve the State’s existing program supporting children and youth (Birth-21) with special health care needs.  Please click here to complete an intake survey and someone will contact you to schedule a virtual session and answer any questions.  Compensation for your time is provided.  

Quick Safe Medicine Survey for Wayne county Residents


My name is Anna Holley, and I am a Bachelor's in Social work student at SUNY Brockport. I have been interning in the counseling office at Newark High School every Tuesday and Thursday with counselor Sue Gardner since the beginning of the year and have loved getting to know everyone in the Newark community! For one of my classes I am collaborating with The Wellness in Newark Coalition (WIN) on a macro/community project on prescription medication safety at home and in the community. I will be sending out a quick 9 question survey to community members in Wayne County discussing prescription safety. This survey will be anonymous. If you would be able to take a few moments to fill out this survey it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for taking your time to help!

-Anna Holley



Parents - Join us to learn more about the connection between stress, risk/protective factors, & resilience. Start 2021 with a fresh set of tools and strategies for supporting and building resilience in "our" children.
Register at: http://bit.ly/30cMxui

Seeking Veteran and Family Member Volunteers

Hi all,
Please see the opportunity below that seeks input from veterans and/or family members of veterans to participate in a project that will result in the development of a new resource to address the burden of suicide among veterans.

Seeking Veteran and Family Member Volunteers for Interviews regarding how best to involve family and loved ones in reducing Veteran Suicide Risk and promoting Lethal Means Safety
As part of the NYS Governors Challenge to prevent suicide among service members, veterans and their families (SMVF) a workgroup of mental health professionals across New York State have come together over a shared interest in learning about ways that family members can best help their Veteran remain safe and minimize access to things that Veterans might use to harm themselves when feeling overwhelmed. We are developing several strategies to promote family involvement in reducing access to lethal means and are seeking individuals who might be interested in participating in a 1:1 interview  to better understand what families need to know, and how best to support families in taking the necessary actions to make their family environment safer.

We are aiming to develop two projects for which we seek the opinions and perspectives of three groups of family members:
1) Family member of a Veteran with firearms in the home,
2) Family member of a Veteran with a past suicide attempt using a firearm,
3) Family member of a Veteran who died by suicide.

Our first project is the development of a training module delivered directly to family members that teaches critical information about lethal means safety, focusing on gun safety and medication management. For this project, we need feedback from you regarding past experiences with your Veteran's times of crisis and lessons learned from how best to minimize risk.  We also want to seek your preferences about how best to deliver and present this information in an engaging and helpful manner to family members.

Our second project aims to develop a brief intervention to support families and loved ones begin the discussion and action planning around lethal means safety. Here we want to hear from family members and Veterans which formats they favor and how best to facilitate the negotiation around taking action to better manage suicide risk with safer storage of medications and firearms.

We will also be interviewing Veterans with involved family  to understand their perspective on how best to speak to Veterans about lethal means safety. We recognize family discussions to make the home safer, are a two-way street and want to ensure we include all viewpoints in our products. Thank you for your time and support of these critically important projects.

If you know someone you believe might be interested in supporting this work, please contact Marianne Goodman MD at email: mggoodman2001@yahoo.com or phone: 646-245-7071. We are looking to conduct these interviews from January- February 2021.
Thank you!