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21st Century Grant Programs

Eastern Wayne County 21st Century Community Learning Center Programs are developed to bring students, families, schools and community together to provide social emotional and academic support along with high quality engaging enrichment that leads to achievement, creating a path to college and career readiness for all students.

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https://youtu.be/aUUOv3BH8AY - Patina Chapter 6 - Part B
https://youtu.be/PZ2K3qXQWbA - Patina Chapter 6 - Part A
https://youtu.be/TPmGvBvOvhg - Patina Chapter 5
https://youtu.be/DpqenuhUZic - Patina Chapter 3
https://youtu.be/o5krYCixa7k - Patina Chapter 2
https://youtu.be/jvf1L6kvbBQ - Patina Chapter 1
https://youtu.be/u9ewzIc9b6s - We Are All Wonders