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Transportation » Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Before the Bus Arrives:

  • Students need to be outside, ready and waiting for the bus 10 minutes prior to bus arrival.  As a courtesy to the driver, if the child is not going to school, a phone call to the bus garage, or waving the driver on would be appreciated.

  • Students should wait at least 15 ft. off the road and should not approach the bus until it has stopped and the red lights are flashing.

  • Before crossing in front of the bus, students should make sure they can see the driver, and the driver can see them.  Wait until the driver signals for them to cross the road.

  • During the winter months, students should not play on snow piles near the road, they could slip under the bus or another vehicle.

  While on the bus:

  • Students should board the bus and sit in seats as instructed by the driver.  The driver has the right to assign seats if deemed necessary.

  • Students should remain in their seats, and not change seats while the bus is moving.

  • Keep the aisle clear of books, lunch boxes, musical instruments, etc. All items brought on the bus must be kept in their bags, on their laps.

  • Arms and legs should not be extended outside of the individual seating area.

  • All personal belongings are to be kept in students book bag while on the bus.

  • No eating or drinking on the bus.

  • Horseplay or any rough-housing of any kind will NOT be tolerated.

  • Any action which infringes upon the safety, comfort or general well-being of the school bus driver or other students is expressly prohibited.

  • To ensure everyone's safety, it is essential that distractions to the driver are kept to a minimum.  Cooperation with the driver at all times will help make for a better ride and safer for everyone.  It is important to understand that riding the bus is a privilege not a right.  Students may be denied the privilege of riding the bus as a result of unacceptable behavior.

  Exiting the bus:

  • Students who must cross the road getting off the bus, should walk at least 10 ft. in front of the bus in order to be seen by the driver and wait until they are given the signal to cross.

  • After exiting the bus, students must walk at least 15 ft. away from the bus and remain there until the bus has cleared the area. It is unsafe for children to check their mailboxes while the bus is leaving the area.

  • Parents or guardians of Kindergarten or 1st grade students should make themselves visible to the driver so they know that someone is home for their child.