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Campus Visit Checklist

Campus Visit Checklist

Visiting the college campus is a must before attending any institution.  Many colleges look great in their catalogs, but may not be a great fit for you.  Take this list with you on your visit.

·         Take a campus tour;

·         Have an interview with an admissions officer;

·         Get business cards from people you meet, for future contacts;

·         Pick up financial aid forms and information;

·         Participate in a group information session at the admissions office;

·         Sit in on a class of a subject that interests you;

·         Talk to a professor in your chosen major;

·         Talk to the coach in your chosen sport;

·         Spend the night in a dorm with a current student;

·         Read the student newspaper;

·         Scan bulletin boards to see what day-to-day student life is like;

·         Eat in the cafeteria;

·         Ask a student why he/she chose this college;

·         Wander around campus by yourself;

·         Read for a little while in the library to see what it's like;

·         Ask a student what he/she dislikes about the college;

·         Browse the college bookstore;

·         Walk or drive around in the community;

·         Ask a student what he/she does on weekends;

·         Listen to the college radio station;

·         Make sure you see a dorm room;

·         Imagine yourself attending this college for 4 years.