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Red Creek Middle & High School Counseling Office

School Counselors:

Ms. Shayla Pasker-High School

Mrs. Katheryn Armstrong-Middle School

Mrs. Cynthia Stone - Secretary

School Psychologist:

Ashlee Fairchild


M.W. Cuyler Elementary Counseling Office

School Counselors:

Mrs. Kasey Evans

Our Mission

We are excited to assist in the educational, social, emotional, college, and career development of your child . We believe that each student is an important, valued, developing, capable, and unique individual who will learn from experience and grow personally and educationally throughout adolescence.

We are committed to the district's mission to teach and inspire, with equity, all students to master fundamental skills. All students' differences, strengths and special needs are considered in planning and implementing our school counseling program.

Our program reflects an integrated approach to helping students' individual and developmental needs. We believe helping students to understand themselves will assist them in making sound decisions and plans today and in their future.

Our specific services are delivered through individual and group counseling. We ensure students have opportunities to engage in academic advisement and multi-year planning, college and career advisement and social/personal development. We believe and make every effort to engage parents actively in the school experience.

We encourage you to partner with us so that each student is best served. Please do not hesitate to contact us for support and guidance or to call on us to act as a liaison between home and school.