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Counseling Services

School Counselors

Shayla Pasker is the Red Creek High School counselor. She helps guide students through developing academic, social emotional, and college and career skills needed to progress to the next grade level and earn a high school diploma. She advises students towards understanding their personal interests and strengths that fit their future and transition to their life after high school.  Some topics you can meet with Shayla for are high school scheduling, social emotional needs, and college and career planning. 

Katheryn Armstrong is the school counselor at Red Creek Middle School...





Kasey Evans is the School Counselor for grades three, four and five at Cuyler Elementary. School counselors work with families, teachers, administrators, and other team members to help students in the areas of academics, social emotional learning, and career development. Mrs. Evans provides services that can include individual counseling, group counseling, skill building, restorative circles, and classroom lessons. Working with a school counselor gives students the opportunity to increase connection with others, learn how to regulate their emotions, grow self-esteem, practice positive decision making, as well as nurture their unique strengths and interests.

School Psychologist

Ashlee Fairchild is the School Psychologist for Cuyler Elementary. She provides academic, behavioral, and mental health support for all students. She can provide short-term school-based individual counseling, IEP counseling, crisis counseling, and social skills groups. She consults with staff, students, and parents to create plans for student growth, and uses data to determine the success of the plans. She conducts comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations to help determine what supports students need to be successful in school.

Social Worker

Sharon Rosati is the School Social Worker at Red Creek CSD. She works with students on developing skills to help them cope with concerns that they may face. School social workers are trained in providing comprehensive supports and services to address barriers impacting the social, emotional, academic, and physical needs of all students. School social work services include assessment and screening, individual (either short or long-term), and group counseling, crisis intervention and prevention, family support, advocacy, and classroom instruction.  

School social workers address the varied needs of students, with and without disabilities, who may be experiencing violence and harassment, facing homelessness, are pregnant or parenting, have chronic absenteeism or truancy issues, are transitioning between school and treatment programs, foster care, or the juvenile justice system, are at high-risk for dropping out of school, and have other behavioral and mental health challenges. School social workers ensure equitable access and culturally responsive services for all students and families, maximizing students’ success in school and improving school culture, climate, and safety. 

Mrs. Rosati is in Red Creek CSD on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. She also manages her own page, posting helpful tips for families to use. You can view the page by clicking here.