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Paper Tutoring

The Red Creek Central School district has launched a free 24/7 tutoring service called Paper. It provides homework help in all academic subjects and writing feedback for students grades 3-12. 

Students can get instant live help from educators around the clock. The tutors are trained employees from Paper. The program platform will be done through digital access and will be chat based. 

The cost of the program will be completely covered by COVID-19 relief funding, which will not impact the approved budget. “We are excited to offer this additional resource for the students at RCCSD,” said Superintendent Dr. Brian Corey. “The main goal is to provide a flexible resource that students can access on their own time. This program is a great example of a resource to assist all our students grades 3-12, with the educational gaps created by COVID. This program is possible due to the COVID relief funds available to the district.”

photo of paper tutoring advertisement

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