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Computerized Point of Sale System

Cash register

In our cafeterias, students and staff have the ability to purchase with cash on a daily basis and also have the option of using a prepaid "debit" system. The prepaid "debit" system works as follows:

  • Every student enrolled in the Red Creek Central School District has an account in the Cafeteria.
  • This computerized cash register system provides increased confidentiality since all students have accounts and eligibility status (i.e. free, reduced or full-pay) cannot be determined by looking at the computer screen. The screen simply displays how much the student owes for their meal.
  • Students access their account by entering their Personal Identification Number (PIN) on a keypad at the cash register. This Pin will remain with the student for the rest of the time he/she is a student at Red Creek. Students in K-1 are grouped with their classroom teacher and are not required to memorize their PIN.
  • When an account is accessed, the cashier verifies that the student is in the correct account by viewing the name & student picture on the computer screen. Sales information is entered and the computer calculates the amount owed.
  • Students maintaining a "positive balance" have found that they are able to move quicker through the serving line. Children paying in cash on a daily basis must still access their account by use of their PIN. All students, regardless of eligibility for free, reduced, or full-pay lunch, are encouraged to maintain a positive balance on their account. 
  • The preferred method of payment on account is by check. It provides you with a record of your prepayment and your child does not have to carry cash to school. Checks should be made payable to "Red Creek Central School Cafeteria."
  • This computerized cash register system maintains a Journal Report for every student that details all purchases and transactions. This report can be provided to the parent/guardian by requesting it in writing or by telephone.
  • All transactions occur at the cash register in the Cafeteria.
  • You may limit the amount of money your child spends on "extras" and/or "snacks," by sending in a written request.
  • This is NOT a CREDIT system. All accounts must maintain a positive balance. If a student forgets his/her lunch money, the cash register system will allow a charge (for lunch only) and the student is expected to pay the amount owed the following day.
  • Student account balances, both positive and negative, are carried over to the next school year.
  • Student accounts can be accessed by one (1) student only and the money in the account must be used for food purchases during breakfast (Elementary School) and lunch. Once a deposit is made in the student's account it may not be withdrawn for any other purpose (i.e. roller skating, snack bars, yearbook, etc.).

Benefits of the Computerized Cash Register System:

  • Confidentiality is maintained and equal for all students regardless of their meal status (i.e. free, reduced or full-pay).
  • The student does not have to carry money to school daily. Parent/guardian does not have to provide lunch  money daily.
  • Parent/guardian can send a check to school for any amount of money at any time. Money can be deposited in more than one (1) student account in either the Elementary School and/or the High School with written Directions.
  • A Journal Report of all transactions in your child's account is available by request of the parent/guardian.
  • The more students that take advantage of the pre-payment option and have money on account, the less time all students will spend in the serving line.

If you have any questions please call:

Red Creek Food Service Office: (315) 754-2062
M.W. Cuyler Elementary Cafeteria: (315) 754-2110