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Red Creek Central School District is mandated by New York State Public Health Law to require current documentation of all immunizations. All students must be fully-immunized in order to attend school. Failure to provide complete immunization documentation may result in the exclusion of any student from school until such documentation is presented.

An up-to-date copy of immunizations must be presented to your child’s school health office. Please be aware that students who do not provide proper proof of immunization will not be permitted to continue to attend classes. Please note the following requirements:

  • Students entering kindergarten are required to have additional vaccines
  • Students entering grade 6 are required to have the TDaP vaccine
  • Students entering grade 7 are required to have the meningitis vaccine
  • Students entering grade 12 are required to have their second meningitis vaccine

If your child is unable to receive necessary immunizations at his or her doctor’s office, you may contact the Wayne County Health Department at (315) 946-5749 to ask about their immunization program, which is offered free of charge.

On June 13, 2019, state legislation removed non-medical exemptions from school vaccination requirements for children. There is no longer a religious exemption to the requirement that children are to be vaccinated against measles and other diseases to attend pre-kindergarten through grade 12 in a public, private or parochial setting or to be enrolled in daycare.

For more information about the vaccination schedule and a catch-up immunization schedule, visit the Centers for Disease Control website at this link. Questions regarding mandated vaccines may be directed to your child's pediatrician or to your child's school nurse.