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Medicine in School

For your protection, law does not allow school officials, to give medicine to students.  In some cases, however, the nurse is permitted to give medicine to students, if it is necessary for the child to have medicine during school hours.  This can be done only if the following conditions are met:

  1. Medicine will be given in school only upon written order of the doctor.  The order is to be written to the school nurse.

  2. Parents must give written permission for the nurse to give the medicine.

  3. Parents are asked to bring the medicine to school and give it to the nurse.

  4. The medicine is to be in the drugstore container, labeled with directions and the child's name.  Please do not bring the entire container of medicine and ask that it be carried back and forth with the child.  Send just enough for the length of time and the amount to be given in school (with antibiotics, it's usually 5-7 days).  Ask the druggist to make up two containers -1 for school and 1 for home.

  5. No changes in dose or frequency can be made without a doctor's written order.

  6. In the case of medicine for allergies, asthma, etc., a new order must be written at the beginning of each school year.

These rules apply to all medicines, even aspirin, cough syrup, and all other medicines you can get without a prescription.  All medicines must be in the original, unopened container.

There will be no exceptions made to these rules. The nurse will refuse to give any medicines for which there are not proper authorizations.  Children are not permitted to have medicine in their pockets or backpacks in order to avoid getting the necessary authorizations.  Such medicines will be immediately confiscated.  Please don't put your child in this position.  Please call the school nurse at (315) 754-2056 if you have any questions regarding the policy on medicine in school.