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Red Creek CSD is...

Red Creek Special Olympics Team
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The Red Creek Central School District prides itself on a shared commitment towards educating our children through excellent academic programs, extra-curriculars and community involvement. It is focused on providing the skills and resources necessary to prepare students for success.

Red Creek serves nearly 800 students through M.W. Cuyler Elementary School, Red Creek Middle School and Red Creek High School. The district encompasses the hamlets of Martville and Victory, and the villages of Red Creek and Fair Haven.

Red Creek’s students have achieved educational success on New York State tests, SAT scores and graduation rate. After the 2007 school year, the district’s SAT scores were the highest in Wayne County and 10th out of 78 schools in our region. M.W. Cuyler Elementary School and Red Creek Middle School have received recognition as a “High Performance Gap Closing School” from the New York State Education Department.

Red Creek CSD is fortunate to have an active and supportive PTA that works closely with administration to support a wide variety of events for our children. The district recognizes the active role everyone plays in educating our students.

Eric Litwin plays for students at cuyler
Students Crafting with Clay

Our Vision/Mission

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The Red Creek Central School District believes in a sound education for every student it serves. That belief is in line with our mission statement: To create a safe and supportive learning environment for all of our students, in order to prepare them with the fundamental skills and knowledge to successfully and responsibly contribute to society. The district also challenges students to attain higher levels of achievement. It is the district’s responsibility to provide all children in our community the opportunity, environment and encouragement to meet these goals.

Red Creek’s mission is driven by its core values that lead decision-making and define behaviors for everyone within the district. Red Creek RAMS are:

  • Respectful
  • Accountable
  • Mindful
  • Safe

The Facilities

The Red Creek Central School District has three schools serving nearly 800 students, M.W. Cuyler Elementary School, Red Creek Middle School and Red Creek High School. The school buildings are housed within a single campus location and are in excellent condition.

Technology is a district priority.  Apple iPads are available for every student in Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms. Chromebook 1:1 programs are also on hand for students Grades 1-12. Students also have access to district wide Wi-Fi, along with computers and printers in every classroom.

people swimming in the community center pool


A state-of-the-art Community Recreational Center is available for staff year-round. It is complete with a fitness room, jogging track, full-size gymnasium, swimming pool, sauna, steam room and spa, racquetball court and meeting room. Outside, we have tennis courts, basketball courts, and many fields for outdoor activities.

The district also has its own bus garage to ensure students are brought home safely.