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Board of Education

Board Members

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Katherine A. Madigan President

Kimberly A. Allen
Vice President

Bradford H. Dates

Brian L. Nodine

Nancy J. Henner Dingman

Jolean B. Bliss

Stephanie L. Kaiser

2021-22 Mission Statement and District Goals


“The Red Creek Central School District will create a safe and supportive learning environment for all of our students, in order to prepare them with the fundamental skills and knowledge to successfully and responsibly contribute to society.”


Continue reviewing the district’s curriculum to ensure alignment district-wide and within New York State standards, while providing diverse educational opportunities for all students.


Utilize all effective platforms and methods to improve communication and transparency between the school and the community.


Maintain responsible budget practices through the strategic use of resources in order to support our facilities and academic goals.


Establish a process for reviewing all district aspects through continued leadership development and long-term strategic planning for the success of the district.

District-Wide School Safety Plan

School districts must be prepared to handle serious emergencies quickly and effectively. The district-wide safety plan is required by law to ensure that schools are ready to prevent and minimize the effects of serious incidents and are able coordinate efficiently with local and county resources. The district-wide plan is consistent with a detailed emergency response plan at the school building level. You can review our District-Wide School Safety Plan by clicking the button below.

District-Wide School Safety Plan

Red Creek CSD Policy Manual

Here are the policy statements formulated by the Board of Education of the Red Creek Central School District. You can review our Policy Manual by clicking the button below.

Policy Manual

Red Creek CSD Professional Development Plan

As part of the ongoing professional development planning cycle, the Red Creek Central School District reviews multiple sources. You can review our Professional Development Plan by clicking the button below.

Professional Development Plan