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Capital Improvement Project

Dear Red Creek Community Members,

The Red Creek Central School District has a proud history of providing excellent programs and facilities for our children and community. This success is the result of thoughtful and measured improvement planning over the years, which is designed to protect the District’s investments. Sometimes this means replacing items due to normal wear and tear, such as roofs and parking lots. Other projects are program-related such as upgrades to instructional or extra-curricular spaces and technology infrastructure. The key to all forward thinking projects is not only staying current with the latest program and facility developments, but also taking advantage of available state funding.

On Thursday December 14, 2023, Red Creek Central Schools residents voted to approve  a “no additional tax impact” Capital Improvement Project. The comprehensive project will be fully funded by leveraging New York State Building Aid, managing debt service payments, and using the District’s existing capital reserve funds. Indeed, 88% of the project will be covered by state aid, with the remaining 9.8% covered by capital reserves, and the remaining 2.2% will be covered by expiring debt. This will result in no additional tax impact with the implementation of the project.

The District has been careful in monitoring and cataloging facility items needing improvement. Our NYS required Building Condition Survey also recommends improvements to address several building facility deficiencies, including elements that do not meet the current building code. The District and our Board of Education have worked with our architectural team to develop a plan for addressing identified building improvement needs. These plans include the replacement of items that have the potential to fail and/or are substandard as they are at the end of their warranties or expected useful life.

At $32 million, the work of the district-wide project focuses on continued school safety improvements (fire alarm system upgrade), infrastructure replacements (windows/ doors/roofs), swimming pool renovations, new flooring and seating in the High School Auditorium, parking lot paving and reconstruction, HVAC (heating/cooling) replacement and upgrades, exterior signage on Route 104, high school flooring and lockers, and Cuyler (elementary) kitchen renovations.

Upgrading these items now will provide better experiences for students, staff, and taxpayers. Further, such enhancements will allow District facilities to operate at maximum efficiency, with less burden from our local share. 

Thank you for your continued support of our students and the Red Creek community.

Matthew S. VanOrman
Superintendent of Schools
Red Creek Central School District

Proposed Scope of Project

  • Replace Asphalt and Storm Pipe System at Bus Loop and Parking Areas 
  • Replace Older Sidewalks and Curbing 
  • Playground and Equipment Upgrades 
  • New Site Sign Facing Route 104 
  • Replace Cuyler Elementary School Cafeteria Serving Line 
  • Replace/Upgrade Flooring and Lockers in the High School Corridors 
  • Replace Ceilings in High School Media Center 
  • Replace/Upgrade Seating and Carpet in High School Auditorium 
  • Replace Original Site Lighting Poles and Heads 
  • Replace/Upgrade Lighting in High School Auditorium Wing 
  • Replace Skylights at the High School 

Roof Replacements: 

  • Community Center 
  • High School Media Center 
  • Middle School Tech Wing 
  • Middle School Classroom Wing 
  • Cuyler Elementary School Classroom Wing 

Community Center Pool Upgrades and Improvements: 

  • Replace Pool, Pool Deck Tile, and Gutter System 
  • Replace Ceiling 
  • Upgrade Lighting 
  • Replace Existing Windows with Insulated Translucent Panels 

Mechanical Upgrades and Improvements: 

  • Replace Mechanical Equipment at the Community Center 
  • Replace Boiler Plant, Pumps, and Piping at Cuyler Elementary 
  • Upgrade Mechanical Equipment and Systems in Cuyler Elementary School 
  • Replace Cuyler Elementary School Gymnasium and Locker Room Mechanical Equipment 
  • Replace Rooftop Mechanical Equipment above the High School Media Center 
  • Replace Original Deteriorating 

Exterior Upgrades and Improvements: 

  • Repair Spalling and Cracks at Top of Concrete Foundation Walls 
  • Masonry Restoration/Repointing at Various Wall Locations and Precast Masonry Sills 

Safety Upgrades and Improvements: 

  • Add Emergency Lighting at the High School Gymnasium and Auditorium Wings 
  • Upgrade Cuyler Elementary School and High School Fire Alarm Systems, Equipment, and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Financial Information

Current Conditions

Outdated Roof System

Cracked Foundation 

Deteriorating Asphalt

Damaged Pool Deck Drain 

Deteriorating Asphalt and Storm Drain

Aged Pool Deck Tile