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High School students bring in $1k+ to benefit District as part of business pitch competition

High School students bring in $1k+ to benefit District as part of business pitch competition


(Left to right: Mrs.Czeck, Julia D, Mia E., Madison L., Amanda B. , Ariel Camp (Student Business Pitch Director), Mr. Czeck)


DEC.14, 2023 — A group of Red Creek students recently brought home some big money for themselves, and to help other students within the District.

Four students recently competed in the annual Wayne County Economic Development Student and Adult Business Pitch Competition. The competition, which happened on Nov.15, saw Red Creek compete against three other schools within the county.

Each student came to the event with a unique and thorough business plan and/or theoretical product they've each been developing for the past three months. This includes full financial projections for three years into the future.

Sophomores Madison L. and Amanda B. took home first place, earning an astounding $1,500 with their business concept for "Nostalgia Energy." The concept was an energy beverage that evokes those warm fuzzy childhood memories we all wish to return to.

The accolades didn't stop there, as senior Julia D., and junior Mia E. tied for second and third place respectively. Both took home $1,000. 

Mia's concept,  “Earth's Puzzle," was a distinctive idea for connecting as many of us as possible through social and print media to promote and help fund charity and community service. Julia's concept, a "Swag Store," was a partnership with the business club to operate a store for students to visit throughout the day and purchase school supplies and merchandise.

As a result of taking all top three spots, the team was able to bring back $1,000 to reinvest into the District to fund future student activities that promote innovation and creativity in the spirit of entrepreneurship!

 As mentioned, the students came into the competition with a full plan. Teachers Mr. and Mrs. Czeck helped guide the students in calculating the finances and fostering brain-storming ideas behind their respective pitches. Students also put together full media packages including apps, websites, and other marketing products.

The judges chose which students would be winners based on a few factors, such as the thoroughness of the executive summary, the effectiveness of the video pitch, and the quality of the financial projections.

Way to go!