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M.W. Cuyler Elementary Takes Top 3 Spots at Inventive Minds Invitational

M.W. Cuyler Elementary Takes Top 3 Spots at Inventive Minds Invitational
student presents her invention

April 20, 2022 - Do the liners of your gloves always come out when you take them off? Or maybe you have trouble finding your seatbelt in the dark? Those are just a couple of the problems students at M.W. Cuyler Elementary School solved by creating an invention. It’s all part of the school’s Inventive Minds competition.

Here’s how it works. A student comes up with a problem. They then go to the drawing board, creating an invention to solve it. Next comes the sales pitch. The inventors must create a display board and then speak to why it’s needed. “The students are judged in several areas,” said Nora Bartholomew, one of the programs coordinators and third grade teacher at Cuyler Elementary.  “Judges will look at the invention itself, the students display board and the overall presentation.”

photo of student presenting invention

Cuyler Elementary has held the competition for 22 years. It became so popular, other districts across the region have joined in on the fun. On March 22nd, the Cuyler Elementary held its in-school competition. Twenty-three students presented and were judged on their inventions. Twelve were selected to compete in the Invitational on March 25th.

This year, students from Lyons, Clyde-Savannah and Hannibal school districts made the trip to Cuyler Elementary to compete. Six of the Top 10 inventions were all from Cuyler Elementary, including the top three spots. Addison DeVinney, a 4th grader at Cuyler, took the top spot with her Bouncy Boredom Buster. “My family and I usually go on vacation every year and I wanted to create activities that attach to a suitcase to help get the wiggles out during the car ride,” said Addison. “It feels like a dream. I was really surprised because there were so many cool inventions, but I’m happy I won.”

Student stands in front of his invention

Liam Denisi came in second place with The Giddy Up. His invention was a rope ladder that connected to a saddle to make it easier to get up on a horse while out for a ride. Lauren Yonker rounded up the top three with her Liner Slider. She created a five-prong mechanism to easily slide your glove liners back inside after taking your gloves off.

“I’m very proud of all our students,” said Tammy Curtis, another coordinator of the program and second grade teacher.  they put in so much hard work to succeed and no matter where they placed all our students have a lot to be proud of.”

Next year, Hannibal will host the Inventive Minds Invitational at Fairley Elementary. Cuyler Elementary is hopeful to defend their title.  

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