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RCCSD Starts New 'UPK Explorers' Program

RCCSD Starts New 'UPK Explorers' Program
girl and boy in UPK Explorers program

May 15th, 2023 - On Friday, May 12th, we started a new 'UPK Explorers' program for students entering UPK in the fall. In collaboration with our UPK teachers, building administration, Community Schools Coordinator, and Patti Alexander from the Red Creek Free Library, this program was developed to ensure a smooth transition for our youngest learners.

girl in UPK Explorers program
boy in UPK Explorers program

Students are invited to attend up to four sessions during which students practice being UPK learners. This involves listening to a story, completing a skill-building activity, receiving some school-readiness activities to complete at home, and having some free play time to interact with our UPK teachers.

Our first week of this program was a great success and filled with many smiles and happy families. Interested families of new UPK students who would like to join the program can do so by calling the Cuyler Main Office at (315) 754-2100

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