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Red Creek MS/HS Assistant Principal Mr. Robert Carter joins NYSED’s VITAL Educator Program

Red Creek MS/HS Assistant Principal Mr. Robert Carter joins NYSED’s VITAL Educator Program


Robert Carter


NOV.20, 2023- The Red Creek Central School District congratulates our MS/HS Assistant Principal Mr. Robert Carter on being named a VITAL Educator!


The New York State Department of Education’s VITAL (Virtual Implementation of Teaching and Learning) Program aims to train its participants to be leading experts in the teaching and administration of virtual/hybrid schools, programs and courses.


Mr. Carter, who is in his first year as an administrator at RCCSD, said he read about the program and immediately felt like it would be a perfect fit for his experience and background. 


Prior to working in education, Mr. Carter worked in IT before making a mid-career pivot and going back to school for his Elementary Education degree.


“There’s nothing quite like doing the thing you’re supposed to be doing,” he said. “There’s power in that, there’s energy in that. This VITAL program, when I read it, had me written all over it.”


During the pandemic, all schools learned so many valuable lessons from having to pivot to virtual learning in almost no time at all, he said. Mr. Carter would like to be a part of growth toward virtual learning and prepare Red Creek for a future that includes more of that. 


“The goal of this program is to build expertise in teachers and administrators who are able to help build hybrid schools,” he said. “One of the first things I noticed when I got here was our use of virtual programs — whether that was kids being out of school for disciplinary reasons, medical issues, or other things. I looked at this program and I thought, ‘Man if I had this kind of training in my pocket as an administrator… What a way to reach kids!’”


The program features asynchronous learning modules online, Zoom calls with other participants and will culminate in a Kickoff event in July 2024. Mr. Carter said he would like to go through the program with a special focus on Social-Emotional Learning and Special Education, and how virtual learning tools can be integrated into those curriculums within the District.


Mr. Carter is thankful for the support he’s received as he begins this important program from his coworkers and administrators, particularly Superintendent Mr. Matt VanOrman. 


After making that career change, and later joining the Red Creek District, Mr. Carter said he feels like the VITAL Educator program is just another step in the right direction for his life.


“As a new employee, the support here is through-the-roof amazing,” Mr. Carter said. “At the end of the day, we’re here to serve kids. Some days are going to be more challenging than other days, but it's all a part of the journey. I’m doing the exact thing that I was meant to do, and I couldn’t be happier.”