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Red Creek Takes Home 2nd Place at the Feats of Clay Competition

Red Creek Takes Home 2nd Place at the Feats of Clay Competition
feats of clay 2023 team

May 8th, 2023 - On Friday, May 5th, The Red Creek Rams competed in the 34rd Annual Feats of Clay competition. Feats of Clay is an annual event hosted at Onondaga Community College to foster education in the ceramic arts in the Syracuse area high schools and has grown to include schools in both the North Country and the Southern Tier. 

students compete at feats of clay
red creek team at feats of clay

This year, students from 24 participating high schools converged on the quad of the Onondaga Community College campus to compete in "The Feats of Clay Olympics." Six ceramic events were run. Cylinder Stack is a relay event consisting of four students taking turns throwing cylinders on the potter's wheel in sequential order as fast as they can and stacking them in 10 minutes to create the tallest cylinder. Mug Production is also a relay event where four students create as many mugs as possible on the wheel in sequential order in 10 minutes. For these relay events, the potter's wheel does not stop spinning so students must learn to throw, center, and pull while the wheel spins on high speed. No Hands Throw is a team event consisting of four students who must devise a way to create the largest piece (Height + Width) WITHOUT using any hands in 10 minutes. Forearms, elbows, feet, and any other body part can be used but no hands! Blindfold Throw is a two-person team where one student is blindfolded and throws a cylinder as tall as they can only using the directions and communication from their teammate in 5 minutes. Pot Put is a team event of four. Each member uses three mugs from the mug production and has three chances to toss the mugs into a garbage can either 10ft, 20ft, or 30ft away to receive points. The last event is Coil Building where every member of the team joins in to create the tallest coil vessel they can within 25 minutes.

Teamwork and good sportsmanship are imperative, and the winning team gets to house the Feats of Clay trophy until the following year. Out of 24 schools this year, Red Creek is proud to claim 2nd Place overall. Red Creek also took home the Spirit Award for their effort, good sportsmanship, and all-around amazing time and memories that were made.

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