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Boys & Girls Wrestling Teams Give Back to Community

Boy and Girls Wrestling team outside village hall

While many were staying warm inside, the Red Creek Varsity Boys and Girls Wrestling teams weathered the cold and snow to help clean up the streets of Red Creek.

Boy and Girls Wrestling team pick up litter off side of street

Instead of practicing on Thursday, November 17th, the team met up at Village Hall after school, grabbed trash bags and started to pick up any litter. “We’re just trying to give back to the community, because the community gives so much to us,” said Coach Ben Pople. “It’s just one way we can say thank you.”

On Wednesday, November 16th, the Red Creek Board of Education approved the addition of a Varsity Girls Wrestling team. Red Creek is now one of four schools in Section V that offers the program. For its inaugural season, three girls signed up to be on the team.

Both the Girls and Boys wrestling teams are very young. Coach Pople says the main goal is to build experience and character. Another reason why community service is so important, especially when you’re up against the elements. “You got to be tough minded in order to wrestle,” said Coach Pople. “The tougher we can set our mind the easier some of the other stuff is going to be when it comes to wrestling.”

Boy and Girls Wrestling team pick up litter off side of street


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